Welcome to ASTRHO

Serving Short-Term and Vacation Rental Homeowners and Supporting the Industry

About Us

Our purpose is to provide education, resources, and a community to help homeowners of short-term and vacation rental properties.  We are a not-for-profit striving to help homeowners achieve financial success, meet legal obligations, and provide professional, clean, and safe hospitality for both hosts and guests.

Why You Should Join Us

In addition to community and networking, ASTRHO is here to provide additional perks and benefits for short-term rental homeowners.  We're focused on bringing you discounted insurance, home products, and so much more.  We want to hear from you.  What else can we do to support you?

A Big Thanks

Our founding team has experience in the overall lodging industry, a deep understanding of the short-term rental space, as well as home ownership and management.  We saw a need for a better way to help all short-term rental homeowners and we mobilized our entire network and skill set. We are so thankful to the vendors, universities, and friends from other nonprofit organizations who have supported us in this venture.